How vanlife will bring you in the zone

Out of your mind, into the NOW, enjoying every bit of it


You probably feel the same as I felt; daily life asks so much from us, if we like it or not we feel trapped in a ratrace.... am I right?

Well, I felt like that, really! This I say with blushes on my cheek, as I recognise very well how my life was still quite easy compared to the life many others live, with much more stress and obligations. For me personally my biggest issue was with all those 'things' that expected my full attention and care, my little help, my backup support and my eternal commitment. I ran from situation to situation, doing what was expected, with no time inbetween for 'nothing', for relaxing, for looking around me and enjoying the place that I was.

For years I dreamt about the freedom to do whatever I wanted, for a day or for a few days, or wow, a whole week!
No obligations except the ones that have to do with me and that what really matters. How about you, do you have that freedom? Do you wish you had?


My desire was, of course, to run away from what bothered me, drive towards 'nothing', stillness, and to finally relax, relax, relax...
I spent hours dreaming about that and after a long search I finally found the perfect van to make it all come true.

Well, things turned out to be a little different! The van was perfect but I still had to make it meet my needs. So I asked my husband to help me, and I tried to execute his vision on how to. But it was not making me happy, it did not feel right. And the day he was unavailable I had to find a solution for something myself, and execute it. At first my mind totally blocked. Really, there was nothing in there. But then, after a very uncomfortable hour or so, my creativity came back, my determination and my perseverance. I got it done, to my full satisfaction! I felt that now the van was really 'becoming mine'. We became like a team (sounds weird, I know... but still, this is how it felt!).

Preparing for our first trip was pure joy, as it was to, finally, really be 'on the road'!
There already we realized that it would not all be easy. Being careful on the road, staying alert on new sounds coming from the back, enjoying the road and the splendid views of the Ardennen in Belgium, being happy the van went uphill so easily. When taking a break, checking if all the doors were locked properly... These were intense hours, I was awake with all my senses. And you know what?
No time to think about anything else, just being in the moment, évery moment!

Same story when parking for the night; "what kind of neighbourhood is this?", where will we bother nobody, do we have all we need? Hearing outside sounds you don't know, in a 'room' that is still new etc. And then the next morning realizing that you've slept very well and see a beautiful blue sky and you make some tea enjoying the view and fresh air...
We got very confident about our trip and loved our van more and more!
Relaxed we arrived in the Jura (France) were we would spend a week, and it was perfect! Wherever we went, we'd always have everything just at hand, so great! Our perfectly cosy little but complete home...

Being aware with all your senses


We relaxed more and more, litterally felt all tension going away as the days passed. We had no worries anymore, felt full of energy, and felt also very self-confident in exploring new things and places...


Of course we 'grounded', and that made our inner self feel free to come out and play again... We had conversations we never had before, we were very intuitive, very caring for others and with a unusual kind of inner strength we felt truly 'in the zone'...  We enjoyed all that life gave us through all our senses, we did not judge these feelings, we just experienced them. Wow, this is LIFE !

Things did not all work out as we would have hoped; I got appendicitis and was hospitalised for a few days. But even this really was not an issue. Not for me, not for my husband and son... They enjoyed the days like before, and I relaxed after surgery and enjoyed my 'hotel' as a new experience...

Can you imagine? This was only a week, but oh what a wonderful one! Now the great joy is that whenever I get behind the wheel in my van I already feel like that! Instantly! Isn't that great?!

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  • Hallo Maaike,

    Wat een mooie site.
    Ik ben erg benieuwd naar meer gegevens over je bus.
    Zelf ben ik met mijn drie honden dit jaar twee keer met een bus naar zuid Spanje gereden.
    Daarbij wel gebruik gemaakt van campings, vanwege de sanitaire voorzieningen.
    Bus is redelijk spartaans ingericht, alleen een bed (waar de honden dan ook nog eens op willen slapen).

    Groetjes, Han

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