Fire up & enjoy outdoor cooking

You need to eat, right?

You could go out every night, but that would cost you a lot of money in the end...
Cooking in your campervan is mostly a good option, but have you ever experienced the joy of outdoor cooking ?

Imagine yourself next to your van, on a beautiful spot somewhere, where the sun is going down slowly, and you sit around your campfire whereon you put your frying pan and start adding the fresh ingredients for your meal... While waiting and stirring you enjoy your wine, the view and you will be perfectly happy!

Outdoor cooking is for most of us something still quite unusual. We know the BBQ, and the marshmellows we melt, but that's about it. But outdoor cooking is not only the way our ancestors prepared their meals, it is also being rediscovered by more and more outdoor-geaks nowdays. It makes you slow down, get back to basic, your neurones remember and they feel like 'coming home'... Deep relaxation guaranteed!

The first time I found out about outdoor cooking is when I was at a small medieval event, It was a bit fresh outside and it was late afternoon. A bearded forge was preparing dinner for his family, in an old 'witch-pot' above a fire. Following my nose I was given a quick look in that pot and oh my, that made me hungry instantly! They had a kind of stew and ate it with medieval bread. Since then I adore cooking outside, and have for that purpose bought me a great set of iron pans. They can be used on gas, in the oven ánd directly onto a fire... perfect for when you do not want to fill up your tiny home on wheels with things that are not multipurpose.

Oh, and did you know you can also prepare breakfast on a fire?

What you need for outdoor cooking

Fire melts plastic and burns wood, so you should avoid those. Iron is your best choice in pans. 
To hold them you need thick leather gloves, and it is easy to have a longer steal on one side and a handle on the other - as steel pans can be quite heavy compared to the ones we usually cook with. Stirring can be done with a wooden spoon, but keep it away from the flames! When you built a safe little fire, put a stable iron grille on it, where you can put your pan onto. Make it high enough so you could still add some wood underneath.

My essentials for outdoor cooking



5 Tips on building a safe fire and start outdoor cooking

We need to do it right, to not cause fire to burn down you, your van, others, nature nor wildlife! Safety above all, for us and all the others...

    Make sure your frying pan can not fall, and if it would, have some leather gloves and a fire stick at hand to save what can be saved. To work in the fire use only metal, as wood can burn and plastic melts... Have some small pieces of dry wood ready. 
    Keep the fire small, make very sure and tripplecheck it can go nowhere so have a rock wall around, no dry leaves or moss around, nothing above it and nothing too near, not even when wind comes up! Beware of your feet also, wear safetyshoes or stay far away! Keep a bucket of water at hand, and/or some sand in case you have a problem. Be sure there is álways an eye on the fire! Keep distractions far!
    Use no fat, avoid meat that contains a lot of fat because it can cause high flames in your pan. Be sure you do not put too much in the pan and keep the pan high enough above the flames.
    your food in the pan often, cooking on fire is really something different than on gas...
    everything. Leave nothing behind and make sure the ashes are cold before you leave - or go to sleep.

    I know what I talk about; when I was 8 I burned my foot to the 3rd degree because I stepped into ashes when jumping off a little wall. I still remember how much that hurted me, and how long I needed before I could walk and play again... 

The ultimate dinner after an active day... 

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