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BIZKAIZEN - Best proven business strategies in online courses to get your dream and business triving out there!

Birth of an entrepreneur
A few years ago a friend talked to me about her business. How it grew from 'start up' to almost 'too much to handle'. She showed me some video's and a book, and oh my, I felt how much more was possible than what I was doing until then. So much more steady income, so much more at ease instead of quick fixes, and so much more free time instead of being paid by the hour....

That year I doubled my income 🙂 

I followed several courses and trainings, both on video and live. Oh my, how they are always so filled with 'aha-moments', everything comes together in a clear, structured way. We are talking about a complete business education here.

It made me dream again all those dreams that had been parked a long time already for reasons like 'no time', 'no money', 'no opportunity'... 

You also want to put your dreams to reality, right?
Then start today with your personalized, step by step, online education. BizKaizen helps you turn your projects, dreams and passions into a business-model teaching you all you need to know to build up your business. To improve your existing business in a smart way, or completely from scratch...

Join our tribe of master entrepreneurs, stop working hard for a small payoff. stressing about how to get more clients, or next month's results. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the urge of finding short-term solutions. Learn how to get paid for your real worth. 

Learn how to become the authority in your niche that can command higher prices and get paid for value, not for time.

Learn how to use smart and predictable business systems so that you can focus on what you like most. 

They’ve put together their best-proven business strategies and organized them in courses that are easy to watch and even easier to implement. It is a structured and complete business education. They keep you focused on what’s relevant for you, so you never get sidetracked or lose clarity in the process. 


15,99/month excl. VAT

Clear and easy to follow


Proven systematic steps


No previous education needed


Only internet connection needed


Financial freedom within reach



  • Complete, proven systems
  • Integrity in your business and product
  • Watch when and where you want
  • Unlimited options with this knowledge
  • Use it for every project in life or in your business


  • Nisandeh speaks fast

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