What is a stealth van?

What is a stealth van?

In the context of campervans, Stealth means something like 'hidden', 'unrecognised', 'under the radar'.... It means that your van is not being recognised on the streets as being a campervan, but looks like a regular work-van.

The biggest advantage is that it gives you the opportunity, if you want it, to park wherever you want it to spend the night... In a regular street, in the centre of a village or a town, near the woods or the splendid views! And the best part is: IT WILL COST YOU NOTHING ūüôā
Can you imagine, in about 5 years time, how much money you will have saved out???
Spending your nights on a camping or a camperplace may cost you anything between 5 and 25 euro per night.... If they are open and have a spot for you.

Important is then, of course, that you do not behave like a campering tourist; No table, chairs and bbq outside the van... Of course there are no facilities in the street, but it you plan your project right, you could be totally independent of any facility.

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Tips on how to behave ‘Stealth’ – and how NOT

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One wouldn’t have guessed, right?

Sleeping in a van in Europe - authorised, tolerated or stricktly forbidden?

Alphabetical list of countries in Europe with current status as far as possible to find out.

  • Albania - forbidden
  • Andorra¬†- forbidden
  • Armenia - forbidden
  • Austria¬†- forbidden
  • Azerbaijan¬†- forbidden
  • Belarus¬†- forbidden
  • Belgium¬†- forbidden
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina¬†- forbidden
  • Bulgaria¬†- forbidden
  • Croatia¬†- forbidden
  • Cyprus¬†- forbidden
  • Czech Republic¬†- forbidden
  • Denmark - tolerated
  • Estonia¬†- forbidden
  • Finland - allowed
  • France -¬† tolerated
  • Georgia¬†- forbidden
  • Germany - tolerated
  • Greece¬†- forbidden
  • Hungary¬†- forbidden
  • Iceland - allowed
  • Ireland¬†- forbidden
  • Italy¬†- forbidden
  • Kazakhstan¬†- forbidden
  • Kosovo¬†- forbidden
  • Latvia¬†- forbidden
  • Liechtenstein¬†- forbidden



  • Lithuania¬†- forbidden
  • Luxembourg - tolerated
  • Macedonia (FYROM)¬†- forbidden
  • Malta¬†- forbidden
  • Moldova¬†- forbidden
  • Monaco¬†- forbidden
  • Montenegro¬†- forbidden
  • Netherlands¬†- forbidden
  • Norway - allowed
  • Poland¬†- forbidden
  • Portugal¬†- forbidden
  • Romania¬†- forbidden
  • Russia¬†- forbidden
  • San Marino¬†- forbidden
  • Serbia¬†- forbidden
  • Slovakia¬†- forbidden
  • Slovenia¬†- forbidden
  • Spain¬†- forbidden
  • Sweden¬†- forbidden
  • Switzerland¬†- forbidden
  • Turkey¬†- forbidden
  • Ukraine¬†- forbidden
  • United Kingdom (UK)¬†- forbidden
  • Vatican City (Holy See)¬†- forbidden

If you find the situation somewhere different, please let me know and we can ajust this info for the others. Thank you.

Goin' STEALTH might be your best option... 

Going stealth: 10 do's and don'ts


  • Reflecting safety working coats on your front seat(s)
  • Hide what's inside with one-way-vision foil or curtains¬†
  • Mask your solar panel and roofwindow with a roofrack
  • Place a 'working papers' file at the front window
  • Sticker your van with a company name and numer (non existing or yours!)


  • Put camping gear outside the van¬†
  • Use those 'real caravan-windows'¬†
  • Use water in- and outlets, ventilation on the side of the van
  • Decorate full of 'fancy hippy stuff' in the front
  • Make noise in the van when you're parked near houses

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