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Why and how to declutter

Things or experiences? Please take a moment to think about the 3 most beautiful memories from your life… What happened? Where were you? With whom? When was it? What did it bring you? What else? Let these memories come back … Read More

What is a stealth van?

What is a stealth van? In the context of campervans, Stealth means something like ‘hidden’, ‘unrecognised’, ‘under the radar’…. It means that your van is not being recognised on the streets as being a campervan, but looks like a regular … Read More

Make money online – and travel further

Als je eenmaal hebt geproefd van het reizen met je camperbus, en je voelt dat je geen zin meer hebt om ‘in je rijtjeshuis in je rijtjesleven en je rijtjesbaan’ vast te blijven zitten, tja, dan moet je wat anders … Read More