Maaike & her Van

Both fascinated about our beautiful Earth and very practically oriented camper, travelling the world with her own camperbus was her forever dream.

In 2016 she and her family got a housing issue; their beloved home was going to be fully renovated and they had to find another house for a period of time. It would be impossible to find a place so wonderfully rural... Her mother started needing some care and without a car it was too far to go there. So on Maaike's wishlist was a car ánd a 'get away-thing'. 1 + 1 = 2, and with that big dream she finally decided to go find 'her perfect campervan'.

Husband, little boy ánd 2 dogs should have to be able to join her on trips, and she wanted a realiable van as she's not technical nor strong.

A very good friend, car dealer and camper, advised her to choose a Mercedes-Benz 212D, as it has such a great motor, the right sizes to be able to go into town ánd big enough for her family. So a long searching period started. Several vans had been looked at, tested, but it was not easy. Thanks to a good friend again she found this one...


This bus had it all; technically in a very good condition, and inside made of wood. Perfect for me, 'cause that I can adapt if I want to.
There was no electricity in the living part and no fridge. But there was a 3-burner gas-cooker, a lot of storage space, and it was all isolated. Inventoring my needs was what I started with; exept a seat near the open door I needed 'free floor space' for my 6-year-old and my 2 dogs. A king-size bed for our family of 3, a dinner area and a 'lounge-place-with-a-view'... Oké. Then we had to move out of the house, so I had to empty the whole bus to move our stuff elsewhere. After that we converted it DIY into a campervan again. I choose to make a high bed where my son and I can sleep if we'd be just the two of us. It is transformable when my dear husband can join, then we pull it over the table. Dogs can sleep under the bed, a bike can be next to it, just behind the doors, in the kitchen we put a cool box. Solarpanel on the roof, full electrical system under a seat (did it myself with explanation - proud!) and then started the decoration...

creating practical home
Installing solar panel on the roof
full anti-rust treatment
organising water, gas and cooling
Installing full electrical circuit

Hit the road 🙂

summer holidays

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